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It is common for tooth decay to go unnoticed, but it can sometimes lead to uncomfortable symptoms.

Among adults and children alike, tooth decay is a common problem. When left untreated, tooth decay can result in cavities in your teeth. What are the symptoms of tooth decay? What can be done to resolve this issue? Learn more about the signs of tooth decay and when you should visit your dentist below.

How can you tell if you have a cavity?

Cavities are difficult to identify on your own in many cases. Most likely, your dentist will detect it during a routine check-up, often with the assistance of a dental x-ray. In spite of this, there are a few possible symptoms that may indicate that you have a cavity. You may notice pain in the affected tooth, especially when you eat or drink something hot, cold, or sweet; tooth sensitivity; discoloration or dark spots on the affected tooth; a hole or crack that you can feel with your tongue; and persistent bad breath.

Please visit our dental office as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms so that they can provide you with a proper diagnosis and recommend the best course of action.

What is the treatment for tooth decay?

When your dentist detects tooth decay, a filling may be recommended to prevent its spread and strengthen the tooth. Placing a filling is a relatively simple process. There may be a need for an anesthetic depending on how deep the decay is. Your dentist will fill the remaining area with an appropriate filling material after gently removing the affected area.

Is it possible to prevent tooth decay?

With the right care, tooth decay and cavities can be prevented. Proper oral hygiene should be practiced on a daily basis in order to maintain your oral health. It is important to brush your teeth twice a day and floss on a daily basis. Additionally, it is recommended that you consume a balanced diet and limit the consumption of sugary foods and beverages. Sugar contributes to the buildup of plaque, which can eventually lead to tooth decay. You should also visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. It will help to prevent dental issues, and if you do develop a cavity, it can be treated in its early stages before it becomes more serious.

What can our dental office do for you?

Our dental office provides a variety of general dentistry services, including fillings for the treatment of tooth decay. Please schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you have noticed any of the symptoms of tooth decay. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential in order to stop the spread of decay and prevent further damage. Tooth decay can lead to structural problems, infection, and pain if left untreated. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and we can help ensure you have a healthy smile for life.

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