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When you are missing one or more teeth, our dental team is here to help you smile again with high-quality removable dentures. Dentures are custom-fitted into each patient’s mouth and are tailored to their specific needs. They offer both cosmetic and functional benefits for patients with tooth loss.

Dentures are made by taking impressions of the patient’s jaw and mouth and creating a model. This model will be used to design custom dentures that fit an individual’s mouth perfectly. To get the perfect color, shape, and fit, it will be designed, tested, and adjusted. The model is then cast into a permanent denture by a professional technician in a dental lab. Sometimes, minor adjustments are required to ensure the denture remains comfortable and secure.

There are two types of dentures: conventional complete dentures and partial dentures. 

Conventional Complete Dentures

If a patient needs to replace all their upper and lower teeth, a conventional complete denture may be required.

Conventional dentures are made after the gums have completely healed and have been remodeled. Your teeth and underlying bone form a framework that provides support to the structures of your face. When teeth are lost, you lose the ability to eat and chew food. Without the support of your teeth, your face may sag and create a look of premature aging. You also lose the ability to speak clearly. A conventional complete denture replaces all of your teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, also known as dental bridges, replace one or more missing teeth. Patients may get a bridge for aesthetic reasons, but bridges are often used to prevent teeth from rotating or shifting into empty spaces left by tooth loss. As a standard procedure, the crowns surrounding the area are attached to the replacement teeth, then the bridge is anchored in place. To ensure a consistent look in the patient’s smile, we will match the replacement to their natural teeth.

Regardless of the type of denture, patients should follow up with their dentist. Oftentimes, dentures may need to be adjusted to remain comfortable and fit correctly. Regular brushing with a soft bristle brush and a non-abrasive cleanser is recommended to prevent plaque buildup. The average denture needs to be replaced every five to ten years. You should have your dentures evaluated by a dentist to determine if they should be refitted or replaced.

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