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Our patients frequently inquire about ways to fix stained teeth or fill in gaps between their teeth when they visit our office. In some cases, may recommend a veneer. Veneers are one option available when it comes to improving your smile. If you’re wondering whether veneers are right for you, consider a few factors shared by our San Diego dentist.

Veneers – what are they exactly?

Veneers cover the front of the tooth with a thin layer of ceramic. They are usually made of dental porcelain and are designed to provide coverage for existing teeth instead of replacing them. 

What do Veneers Do?

The purpose of dental veneers is to repair a chipped or broken tooth, reduce noticeable gaps between teeth, or remove stains from teeth. Our dentists carefully measure each tooth’s size to ensure a perfect fit. As veneers are placed over your teeth, the structure of your teeth isn’t altered. 

The essentials

The veneers can sometimes cause some people to become more sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks. Because veneers often require removing small amounts of tooth enamel, they are usually non-reversible to avoid stains. Avoid drinking beverages such as wine, coffee, and tea after getting them. You still need to brush twice a day and floss regularly to maintain them. Continue to take care of your teeth if you want them to remain stain-free or decay-free. 

A veneer is an excellent solution to minor tooth issues like discoloration, gaps, and misalignment. Unlike braces or dental bridges, they do not replace dental work. Please schedule an appointment with our dentist today. Our goal is to develop a plan to help you reach your goals and achieve your desired look. 

Our San Diego dental office can provide you with more information on achieving the smile you have always dreamed of having. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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